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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The VDO's Annual Genneral Meeting No. 1/2021

Published on May 5, 2021
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AGM 1/2022

AGM 1/2021

AGM 1/2020

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2022
(Published : March 21, 2022)
  • Notice of Meeting
  • From 56-1 One Report
  • Proxy A
  • Proxy B
  • Proxy C
(Published : April 21, 2022)
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2022
(Published : May 5, 2022)

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2021
(Published : March 22, 2021)
  • Notice of Meeting
  • Auunual Report
  • Proxy A
  • Proxy B
  • Proxy C
(Published : April 21, 2021)
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2021
(Published : May 5, 2021)

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Meeting Day


Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

Shareholders’ Meeting

In the shareholder’s meeting of 2022, the Board of Directors has appointed the Company’s secretary to inform the shareholders through Stock Exchange of Thailand and Company’s investor relations website that the shareholders can request for additional meeting agenda, nomination of candidate for the post of managing director, as well as the advance inquiry. The Company’s directors allow any inquiry to be submitted from September 29, 2021 to December 31, 2021 directly to Company’s secretary, investor relation division, or through website, by proposing the meeting agenda, and name of person for the position as directors at least 3 months prior to the last date of the fiscal year.

However, there was no shareholder who requested additional meeting agenda, nomination of candidate for the managerial position. For the advance inquiry, the Company has allowed the acceptance of inquiry till the day of shareholders’ meeting.

And in the shareholder’s meeting of 2022, the Board of Directors has specified the date of request from September 29, 2021 to December 31, 2021, which can be requested directly to Company’s secretary, investor relation division, or through website, by proposing the meeting agenda, and name of person for the position as Directors at least 3 months prior to the last date of the fiscal year and the Company have illustrated the principles and methods used on the website of investor relations since September 29, 2021.

However, there was no shareholder who requested additional meeting agenda, nomination of candidate for the managerial position. For the advance inquiry, the Company has allowed the acceptance of inquiry till the day of shareholders’ meeting.

Delivery of the Annual General meeting invitation documents

In the shareholders’ meeting, the Board of Directors has placed priority to the Shareholder’s right, by sending the meeting invitation letter with meeting details, objectives and reasons, along with the Committees’ opinion to consider the noteworthiness of inquiry, the positive and negative effect in each period of meeting, authorization letter, and name of independent Director(s) together with advise in authorization paper that allow shareholder choices to choose someone to represent them in the Shareholder’s meeting. This includes the map of the place for meeting for shareholders. and also announced through daily newspaper for a minimum of 3 consecutive days, and 3 days before the meeting day, to allow time for alarming shareholders of the incoming meeting. It must be noted that for the general shareholders’ meeting in 2020, the Company will openly post an invitation message, annual report for 2020 and all related documents in Thai and English version be fully released calling for a shareholders’ meeting on the Company’s website over 30 days in advance., and invitation message to shareholders via stock registrar in advance no less than 21 days. 

Date of Shareholders’ Meeting and Meeting Procedure

The Company attempted to improve the process of shareholders’ meeting to ensure the suitability consistently, particularly after 2005 onward. It adheres to the principle that every shareholder should have equal opportunity in receiving the information and also equal chance for shareholders’ right, including the right to voice opinion or to offer suggestions that are beneficial to the Company.

To register for the meeting, the Company will allow registration for at least 2 hours prior to the
beginning of actual meeting and continue to do so until the meeting is over a regular practice since 2005. In addition to that, the Board of Directors will also seek to serve the shareholders with the staffs and adequate number of computer. In the general shareholders’ meeting 2007, the Company, for the first time, started using a barcode system for registration purposes to facilitate the shareholders, as well as an arrangement to print voting cards in each meeting agenda for every shareholder.

The Company prepared staff to serve shareholders in acquiring information and serve the query points. Moreover, a welcoming meal is organized for attended shareholders. The Annual General Shareholders Meeting 2020 was convened in Meeting Room 11A, Interlink Tower 9th Floor. (originally Nation Tower). The Company reserved sufficient parking space for the shareholders and provided maps with information about public transportation that was attached to the invitation letter.

For those shareholders who were available to attend the meeting by themselves, the Company allowed the shareholders to authorize an independent Director for at least 1 individual or the Company’s secretary to attend the meeting and vote in representation.

Prior to the meeting, the Company played a DVR introducing the Company history, its annual operating results to all shareholders to learn about the Company information before the start of the meeting. There was also another video presentation about the promotion of the corporate governance related to shareholder’s meetings of listed companies. Before the meeting really begins, the Chairman will explain the method of voting and counting. The counting of votes will be illustrated and the results of every step in the meeting room will also be summarized. In case the shareholders cannot attend the meeting, the Company allows the shareholder to authorize someone, independent Director (s)or Company’s secretary representing them in the meeting.During the meeting, the Company provides adequate time and allows a fair chance for shareholders to ask questions. The Directors who are related to that question, particularly Chairman of auditor Committee, Chairman of Committee and Managing Directors, including the high-level executives in the area of accounting, finance, internal audit and accounting audit to attend the meeting at the same time to answer some of the questions in the meeting. The Chairman will moderate the meeting according to the scheduled meeting agenda. But such meeting will not allow an un-announced meeting agenda, with the total time of 2 hours and a half or more.

The Board of Directors put the emphasis on attendance of the Annual General Shareholders Meeting in order to receive questions and feedbacks. In the Annual General Shareholders Meeting  2020, 7 out of 10 (70%) directors attended the meeting. However, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors, Managing Director, and Chairman of every subcommittee attended the meeting.The Company’s executives in accounting, finance, internal auditor and auditors were also in attendance to answer questions of the shareholders. In addition, the Company invited a neutral auditor, Mr. Somjit  Kanokseriwong from Chuan and Associates Law Office to supervise the vote counting.

The significant agendas for shareholders’ meeting are as follows:

  • Operating result: The Company has declared the details of the information about the Company’s operating result, profit, revenue, expenses, and summary of operation on the chart.
  • Appointment of the Board of Directors: The Company allows opportunity for shareholders to select the Directors of the Board of each individual, by providing biography information, education history and work experience and inform shareholders about the vision of each director before voting begin. In case of former directors being the candidate, the details of the board meeting participation will also be fully provided.
  • Auditors Appointment: SE-ED details the name of auditors, auditor’s office, remuneration, the reason for auditors selection, the past year’s performance quality and Company’s relationship.
  • Profit Allocation : The Company supplies details on profit allocation and reserve funds, dividends regarding the Company’s dividend payment policy as well as the registered book closing date in order to give right of receiving dividend.
  • Board of Directors’ Remuneration: The Company provides offered remuneration details which are based on policies and conditions of the Board of Directors’ remuneration. Those aspects are considered by Committee regarding remuneration.

In the voting, the shareholders used voting cards to vote deploying barcode systems to count vote more rapidly and efficiently. The Company will collect the voting card only in case there are shareholders who vote against or abstain from voting, but for the Board of Directors’ election, to be in line with the best practice of shareholders’ meeting, the Company collected the voting cards from the each of the participated shareholders and voting of Directors will be voting for each Director. Moreover, the Company has requested a law consultant to join the vote counting procedure and confirmed the result with accuracy, transparency, and in accordance with the Company’s regulation. For the result of voting in each agenda, the Company immediately announced the result of the vote in each agenda of each shareholder’s resolution regardless of whether the vote result shows on the outcome of agree, disagree, abstention and invalid ballot immediately.

After the meeting, the Board of Directors will allow chance for shareholders, analysts and general investors to answer to the inquiry, by having the Chairman, Sub-committee chairman, managing director, and senior executives in accounting and finance to jointly answer. However, in replying to the inquiry, the Board of Directors will adhere to the equal opportunity to the Company’s information.

After the meeting day

The Company’s directors assigned the secretary to disclose resolutions and voting results from the shareholders meetings on the day after through The Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Company’s website. During the shareholders meeting, the company’s secretary has recorded important questions, and remarks from the meeting, counting votes and concluding resolutions. The number of votes for each agenda is clearly recorded which agree, disagree abstention and invalid ballot. Shareholders meeting reports along with pictures and audio records will be posted on the Company’s website Investor Relations (, within 14 days from the meeting date.

Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

The Company’s Board of Directors is aware of the equal and just treatment to all shareholders.

  1. The Board of Director assigned the Company’s secretary to announce to the shareholders through the communication channel of Stock Exchange of Thailand and investor websites for shareholders to propose meeting agenda, lists of persons to be positioned as Directors and summit questions in advance. The Board of Directors determines the time to receive the request directly to the Company’s secretary, investor relation, independent Directors or via website by proposing the meeting agenda and name of the person to be positioned as Directors at least 3 months prior to the last date of the fiscal year, in which criteria of consideration is posted on the website of investor relation. The Company’s secretary will propose the name as proposed by shareholders to the Recruitment and Remuneration Committee to examine the qualifications and then propose it to the Board of Directors and then to the shareholders’ meeting. The Board of Directors will examine the suitability whether to add the agenda as requested by shareholders to the meeting or not based on said criteria, by allowing shareholders to propose names of candidates to be positioned as Director and propose the agenda in advance which has been a normal practice since 2006.
  2. The Board of Directors proposes the name of 1 Independent Director as a choice for proxy of shareholders who holds the proxy authorization to exercise the right in the meeting and voting for each agenda. In general shareholders’ meeting 2020, the Board of Directors proposed the names of 4 independent Directors.
  3. The Board of Directors moderate the shareholders’ meeting according to the agenda announced earlier in the meeting’s invitation document, and will not add any agenda to the meeting without informing shareholders in advanced, so that the shareholders have enough chance to study the information of the operation performance to be considered in each agenda adequately and suitably.
  4. The Company’s Board of Directors prepares the voting cards for all agendas. The Company has used the barcode system for recording and displaying the voting result since 2006, while preparing staff to facilitate the collection of voting cards in the meeting room, which except in the case of voting to elect Directors, the staff will collect voting cards whether they be yes, no, or absentee’ votes. And after the meeting, staff will collect the voting card for all agenda. Moreover, the Board of Directors arranges to have legal consultant to witness the voting count for transparency.
  5. The Company’s Board of Directors assigns the Company’s secretary to prepare and write
    the meeting report accurately and completely, and then disseminate the meeting report to all shareholders through investor relation website and the Company also submitted the report to the Stock Exchange of Thailand no more than 14 days after the date of the meeting. Moreover, the Company also broadcasts audio and video of the shareholders’ meeting on the investor relation website to allow interested shareholders to view the past meeting.
  6. The Company determines preventive measures to tackle the use of inside information to benefit Directors by announcing to all parties concerned to be aware of role and duty to report the status of security holdings of each individual, spouse and minor children who hold security and acknowledge the change in security prepared reports for each time there is a buy, sell, transfer or receive of security to the Security and Exchange Commission according to the Article 59 of Security and Exchange Commission Act. (B.E. 2535) within 3 days after the date of purchase, sell, transfer or receive the transfer of security and notify the company’s secretary to inform the Board of Directors in respectively. The Company always alerts in the meeting of Board of Directors and all management committees. Moreover, the Directors and management also acknowledges the duty and responsibility as stipulated and penalty as stated in Security and Exchange Commission Act (B.E. 2535), and the Company prohibits the management who know the inside information of the Company to not violate article 241 of the already-mentioned law, including the related regulation.
  7. To prevent conflict of interest, the Board of Directors carefully supervises. When there is an item that may result in a conflict of interest, the Company seeks to stipulate the policy and procedure of the related item approval in written form, including the policy and method of supervision so that the management and related persons will not use inside information to their own benefit, as follows:

Items that may have conflict of interest:  The Company’s Board of Directors carefully monitor to avoid any conflict of interest that may arise and also look into the related items, by stipulating in the policy and steps of approval for each item in written notice. Moreover, the Audit Committee proposes to the Company regarding the items that could cause conflict of interest. The Company’s Board of Directors has been particularly careful when consideration is made, in accordance with criteria stipulated by stock exchange through the determination of price and condition as if such items are dealt with the outsiders (Fair and at Arms’ Length) and disclose the inter-related items which are significant, item value, counterparty, reason/necessity in annual report and annual information disclosure report.

The Board of Directors approved the principles and suggestion of Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with the Section 89/12 (1) of Securities and Exchange Act (No.4) B.E. 2551 to allow the company management to enter in to any business transaction between the Company and its subsidiaries and directors, executives or related persons. The transaction with the same commercial terms as those an ordinary person would agree with any unrelated counterparty under the similar circumstances, on the basis of business negotiation which is without any influences directly resulted from the company’s positions of director, executive, or related person. However, the Board of Directors has assigned the Audit Committee the task to present the items which may pose a conflict of interest and any related items for the transaction over 2 million Baht per quarter and reports it directly to the Board of Directors to acknowledge in a quarterly basis.

In the meeting of Board of Directors, should the Directors have interest in the decision, the Chairman of the Board will request for Directors to abide to the regulation and have the Director informed to the meeting and is asked not to vote or voice opinion for the matter.

Supervision on the of insider information:  The monitoring of policy and measures are in written format with respect to the Good Corporate Governance and handbook for the Board of Directors which has already been discussed in the Board and Executive meeting. The top management of the Company have also been informed about the announcement of Securities and Exchange Commission which stated that the management (including the spouse and minor children – or, in other words, not yet 20 years of age) must report the change of stock ownership to the Securities and Exchange Commission as stipulated in the law called Securities and Exchange Commission Act B.E. 2535 in the section 59 within 3 days after the change of ownership of Securities taken place, and also report to the Company’s secretary to report to the Board of Directors for acknowledgement. Moreover, the management in the meeting has also been informed about the penalty imposed upon those who violate the laws.

The Company has the policy that sets the guideline for the practice of Good Corporate Governance, ethical practices of the Board of Directors, including the regulation that prohibit the staff from taking the Company’s document or information for personal use, or bring outside the Company, without asking for permission. This also includes exposure of financial documents or other related documents for outsiders, and also prohibits the trading activity within 1 month prior to public release of financial information. If done so, the act can be considered ‘misconduct’ to the Company’s rule of conducts. Should the management or staff violate such rules of conduct, the penalty can be ranged from warning, fine, work suspension, work without pay or job termination.