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Message from the Board of Directors

Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Shareholder,

Over the past year, every sector of Thailand has faced the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a tremendous impact on the country’s economy, including the publishing business and education sector. As a result, the business of “SE-ED” whether it is a SE-ED Book Center, SE-ED Publishing or SE-ED Distribution to bookstores and educational institutions has been affected hard as well.

I as the Board of Directors and Management Team therefore, not only have to appropriately adjust SE-ED’s way of work to be in accordance with declared measures of the government, but also catch up with the current situations, which can be itemized as follows:

  1. Ensuring hygiene and safety of products and services from the first stop which is the warehouse where the products will be delivered to the organizations and educational institutions. Strict measures are also employed in serving general customers at SE-ED Book Centers.
  2. Changing way of services in SE-ED Book Centers from offline to online during the temporary shutdown in accordance with government measures. We offered online customer service through online channels of all branches nationwide and attended the National Online Book Expo.
  3. Cooperating with business partners to offer new services that meet the needs of consumers.
  4. Developing our business units for higher efficiency, including the publishing house, services via e-commerce system, and distribution of products all over the country.
  5. Cooperating with companies and other organizations in the publishing industry to reinforce the strength of the industry, stimulate reading culture, and help maintain small businesses in the industry.

The strength of SE-ED is having a clear bookstore image and having the most branches in the country, so SE-ED will maximize its largest bookstore network in the country to the fullest.
SE-ED will create a management strategy by adjusting the management model to be in line with the community and localization to meet the needs of the community. Also, it will create a unique identity and charms to branches in different areas.

This year, SE-ED’s business units continue to seek cooperation with business partners locally and internationally through interesting content in various forms, through new learning innovations, applied technology to highlight knowledge. SE-ED also recreated an atmosphere of a bookstore suitable for reading in order to encourage a reading society and learning for people of all ages by adjusting itself to learning lifestyle of each group of readers. SE-ED continues to focus on raising the level of education to the international standard and improving English language skills. Partners like Oxford and Cambridge continue to trust SE-ED to distribute teaching courses, learning media, and language proficiency assessment in Thailand.

SE-ED continues to focus on youth learning through STEM Education, Coding, and Robot by organizing a robot competition to find a Thai representative team to participate in an online robotics competition in South Korea. As a result of the International Robot Competition, students from schools in Bangkok were awarded Grand, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards, bringing pride to the school, academy, teachers, parents, students themselves and SE-ED. This encouraged SE-ED to commit to recruiting and providing knowledge and equipment to promote learning in and outside the classroom as a support to Thai children to have opportunities to upskill and learn.

SE-ED remains commit and emphasize on responsibility towards society through various CSR projects that have been undertaken throughout the year 2020, including (1) SE-ED “Krajai Boon Krajai Book” Project, a book donation through the purchase of wreaths, (2) Hold on… We Will Go through This Together Project, a giveaway e-books to anyone to read at home during the COVID-19 situation, (3) Stay Home Reading Project, a book donation to patients in the Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute to read during quarantine or treatment, (4) We Will Win Project, a medical supplies and funds donation to Myanmar people to survive COVID-19 pandemic, and (5) Book Donation to the Royal Crown Prince Hospital Foundation Project, a book donation to the 21 branches of the Royal Crown Prince Hospital. Moreover, in the year 2021, new CSR projects will be initiated, such as the “10 Minutes Enjoy Reading” Project, a reader to encourage the Thai youth to enjoy reading and cultivate a habit of reading books in kindergarten to primary levels by a special designed approach.

2021 will be another challenging year for SE-ED whether it is a new wave of COVID-19 crisis, the disruption in the publishing industry and education sector from innovations that kept changing rapidly. The disruption also happened in all sectors of Thai society. SE-ED is therefore essential to adapt itself as quickly as possible to be able to offer a wide variety of content through online and offline platforms and to maintain its legacy as a learning organization, an inspiration, a book-business leader, and the greatest bookstore in the country in order to make Thai people greater and be the winner in the future.

(Mr. Kasemsant Weerakun)
Chairman of the Board of Directors