Dividend Policy

Dividend Payment Policy

The Company declared a policy to pay dividend no less than 50% of the net profit after the deduction of the corporate income tax based on the separate financial statements. However, the dividend payment is subject to change depending on operating performance, financial position, liquidity, the need for working capital, investment and business expansion plans, suitability, and other factors relating to the Company’s operations and management. This is contingent upon the condition that it will result in the maximum benefit of the shareholders as the Board of Directors deems appropriate. With respect to annual dividend, after the resolution of the Board of Directors to pay dividend, the Board shall submit to the shareholders for an approval at the Shareholders Annual General Meeting. Except the interim dividend, the Board is able to approve to pay an interim dividend and will report to the shareholders at the next Shareholders Meeting.

Dividend Payment Historical
Operation Period Profit (Loss) (Bht.) Dvd. Yield(%) Dividend XD Date Payment Date
Operation of year 2023 24,778,106 Obmit
Operation of year 2022 2,362,875 Obmit
Operation of year 2021 (60,552,473) Obmit
Operation of year 2020 (43,465,694) Obmit
Operation of year 2019 2,916,286 Obmit
Operation of year 2018 13,886,024 Obmit
Operation of year 2017 (28,681,834) Obmit
Operation of year 2016 5,038,006 77.80 0.01 4 May 2017 18 May 2017
Operation of year 2015 63,549,618 74.01 0.12 9 May 2016 19 May 2016
Operation of year 2014 83,779,347 84.21 0.18 7 May 2015 19 May 2015