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CSR Report

          The Company was established by a group of ten electrical engineers. Each of them had experiences in knowledge promoting activities from their participation in Academic Club as a student at the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University.They realized that Thailand needed to develop many more of academic resources but no one had been interested in the academic development. Thus, the Company was established in 1974 under the objective ‘to do business in knowledge dissemination, with a view to developing the fullest potential of Thai people in areas essential to the national development’. The Company’s name also emphasizes the objective. ‘SE-ED’ is derived from the words Science, Engineering and EDucation because engineering, science and education are vital fields needed for the development of the country. The Company’s vision and mission reflect the strong determination to be a part of Thailand’s sustainable development.

Vision : SE-ED shall be a leader in providing easy and convenient access to knowledge to Thai people.

Mission : SE-ED seeks to do business in the areas that promote education for knowledge that is necessary to the development of the nation. It operates the business that will make ‘Thais smarter’ by developing the sustainable business with a continuous earning growth at the above the industry’s average, being a role-model company that can create work result deems beneficial and accepted by society at large with the happy staff, and able to deliver and maintain an attractive long-term investment returns at the satisfactory level.

Sustainability Framework

          The Company can sustainably operate a business that grows alongside the society while being able to survive in the long term if the executives and employees share the commitment and inspiration to drive the organization into becoming the ‘knowledge provider’ who makes Thai people smarter. From the past up to present, the Company has seriously operated the business along with creating new innovations to serve the mission ‘to make Thais smarter’. The Company’s business operation can be summarized into the following chart: