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The organizational culture of SE-EDUCATION PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED

Operation Philosophy and Driving Force

  • We will take on our ideology and turn it into our profession. We will produce creative and pioneer works with happiness because we believe that we can transform our dreams into something great for Thai society.
  • We will think big, never think small.

Transparency and Moral Values

  • We will be a good role model as a company.
  • We will not cheat or violate the law. We will be fair and maintain our work ethics and social responsibility.
  • We will have a moral standard in treating our customers, business partners, competitors and colleagues.


  • Every rule can be changed with reason and as long as the change will improve our employees and does not cause any negative effect on the Company.
  • We are ready to change anything. We will listen, think, learn, and improve for better. We will not feel humiliated and be chained to the traditional framework. We will break through any problems or obstacles.
  • Nothing is perfect at SE-ED.
  • Employees will be given an opportunity to work on what they truly like.

Personal Ethics

  • Be economical, humble and self-sufficient.
  • Be down to earth and treat everyone with respect.
  • Spend money and resources reasonably when it is needed without being stuck to the old tradition. Every money spent is worthwhile and benefits the works. It is known as the Zero-Based Budgeting.

Common Values

  • Be positive towards life and obstacle.
  • Be understanding and believe in the goodness in people.
  • Ignore showing off but care only what matters.
  • Creating positive working atmosphere that encourages people to work hard and have fun with the challenging works.
  • Live and love as one family.