Vision Mission Strategies

: SE-ED shall be a leader in providing easy and convenient access to knowledge to Thai people.

Mission : SE-ED seeks to do business in the areas that promote education for knowledge that is necessary to the development of the nation. It operates the business that will make ‘Thais smarter’ by developing the sustainable business with a continuous earning growth at the above the industry’s average, being a role-model company that can create work result deems beneficial and accepted by society at large with the happy staff, and able to deliver and maintain an attractive long-term investment returns at the satisfactory level.

Strategies :

  1. The Company aimed to open the branches in each province to cover the country and be the bookstore with the most branches to offer new experience and inspiration to Thai people. This went along with the branch innovation plan. To differentiate its bookstores, the new branches would use a modern yet localized design. The digital technology would be employed to improve the products and operation in the branches in order to be the leading knowledge provider. In the other words, this was a combination of an offline channel (branches) and an online channel and an improvement of the managing system in order to cutback the cost for a better management.
  2. Forwarding knowledge and entertaining content from around the world to inspire Thai people.
  3. The Company developed its e-commerce to be more effective and innovative since the website had been visited most and had the most various books available in the country. In order to be a life-long learning center, the Company had increased sales opportunities via social media and online marketplaces such as Facebook pages, Lazada, Shoopee, meb, Ookbee, Bundanjai and reached more specified readers, providing direct rewarding benefits to both publishers and readers.
  4. The Company developed and customized products for a self-initiate study in the formats of book, e-book, audiobook and videobook, e-library, e-testing, online VDO, streaming platform, online course with e-book (for educational institutes or any organizations) to suit the new generation’s way of life which rapidly changes and to be inspiration to others.
  5. The Company used an integrated marketing communication model by developing suitable tools and channels to promote products and cultivating a reading culture, reinventing itself with several models towards relentless promotional activities. That is to say the Company is stressing the importance of marketing activities as a value creation for business. With this, the Company also directs all of its efforts to the target customers, and in addition, directly respond to the customers’ need, which allows success for most of the newly-launched products;
  6. The Company promoted customer’s relationship and business alliances that work closely together. The Company is committed to treating customers as promised within the regulations and etiquette of business operation for benefits for business and society. The Company also sought to work on the basis of mutual business success, for the Company opens to the exchange of views in doing business to seek ways in resolving conflicts and difficulties that might occur. For the better cooperation, the information learned can be used to improve the product development and management process to meet the unwavering standard and this should benefit all parties involved.
  7. The Company realized the importance of learning within the organization and developing the employees’ new soft and hard skills for an excellent services and the promotion of Company’s image, by concentrating on staff and team’s consistent development, and also create professional working attitude to the staffs to really take care of each customer in more detail aspects, leading to the better customer’s satisfaction.